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The FXR Pro Fish line is targeting passionate anglers who strive to have the best experience on and off the water all year round. With unmatched quality and design, our Pro Fish line has something for you. FXR as a company is a leader in the Powersports industry, and we have brought all that knowledge, technology and years of experience to the fishing world. Pro Fish is designed by anglers, for anglers. Take your passion to the next level with FXR Pro Fish.

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FXR M Derby Air UPF PO Hoodie
$ 59.99

FXR M Derby UPF Longsleeve
$ 49.99

FXR M Big Treble UPF T-Shirt
$ 39.99

FXR M Coastal Air UPF PO Hoodie
$ 59.99

FXR W Shoreside T-Shirt
$ 28.00

FXR M Derby UPF 1/4 Longsleeve
$ 54.99

FXR Yth Walleye T-Shirt
$ 20.00

FXR W Attack UPF Longsleeve
$ 39.99

FXR M Attack Short
$ 60.00

FXR W Adventure Tri-Laminate Jacket
$ 167.99

FXR M Attack UPF Longsleeve
$ 39.99

FXR M Attack UPF PO Hoodie
$ 49.99

FXR W Coastal UPF PO Hoodie
$ 54.99

FXR M Derby UPF PO Hoodie
$ 59.99