Moose XCR Goggle Complete Roll-Off System

Moose Goggle Rolloff System XCR | Motocross Goggles

$ 69.95

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Moose XCR Goggle Complete Roll-Off System

  • Large 45mm roll-off film system for maximum view in rainy and muddy conditions
  • Canisters pre-installed on lens for easy install and fit into XCR goggle frame
  • Scratch-resistant, with anti-fog coating
  • Optically pure polycarbonate lens with anti-stick bump grid on outer surface
  • When installed, mud flap provides seal at top of film to deter water and mud from getting between lens and film
  • Canister drawcord spool system designed to create a consistent and easy pull to clear view
  • Kit includes: 1 XCR roll-off lens, 1 roll-off system (preinstalled on lens), 2 rolls of film, 1 mud flap
  • Replacement XCR roll-off lenses, rolls of film, and mud flaps are available