Collection: Rambo Electric Bikes

An electric hunting bike enables you to go both fast and far on rough terrain. If you’re ready for an adventure on the trails or backroads of the wilderness, get a Rambo electric bike.

Get the Best in Off-road Adventuring with Rambo

Rambo electric bikes are not just bikes, but powerful running vehicles that you can drive through forests and down roads. With powerful lithium batteries that can last up to 75 miles with a single charge, you won’t have to worry about powering up hills and over rough roads. Plus, Rambo e-bikes feature a powerful engine that doesn’t add too much weight, which means that you can fly down the trail whenever you please.

If you want a powerful electric hunting bike that you can take on your next outdoor adventure, order one of the Rambo electric bikes from More Freaking Power. We offer a variety of bikes at different prices and power levels, from the 500-watt Rambo Cruiser to the 1000-watt Rambo Prowler. Whether you want to explore the backcountry or take an e-bike on a hunting expedition, you can find the bike that will fit your needs here.

Take a look at our Rambo e-bikes below and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about pricing, our financing options, or shipping.