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FXR Excursion Lite Boot | Clearance

FXR Excursion Lite Boot 2019 | MoreFreakinPower

$ 67.50 $ 90.00

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FXR Excursion Lite Boot 2019

Final Sale Clearance item

    • SPECS

    INSULATED 600G FOR -45°C


    •Fully Waterproof Polymer Boot 
    •Extremely Lightweight 
    •High Quality EVA Material 
    •Flex Rated to -50°C 
    •Cold Rated to -50°C 
    •Triple Layer Removable Liner W/Foil Outer
    •Heavy Duty Poly Gaiter W/Shock Cord 
    •Air Bubbles in EVA Outer Provide High Insulation Value

    1 style / 8 sizes