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Donation Request Form

Event Donation Request Form

(Events Happening March 10, 2023 - March 9, 2024) (Currently Closed for 2023)

More Freakin Power only accepts donation request from February 1 - Feb 28th for events happening in the next twelve months. Asking for requests during this time allows us to organize and get the selected organizations the donations in a timely manner. It also allows us to come up with a donation budget for the year. Once the application closes, the MFP board members will go through each application and select the ones that align with the More Freakin Power Mission. We would love to donate to each and every event, however, we are asked for donations from thousands of organizations each year. Since we are small family owned business, saying yes to everyone is impossible. We appreciate and respect all of your efforts and hope that you have an incredible event. Organizations that are selected will be notified by email in early March. Thank you!