Warranty Policy
*While we are happy to assist in your warranty claim, warranties are not covered directly by More Freakin Power. They will be covered at the discretion of the manufacturer. More Freakin Power is not liable for any manufacture defect.

Warranty Claims MFP Handles
Castle X, FXR, CKX and Fly Racing are the only brands that have us handle warranty issues, for all other brands you will be dealing directly with them. Their contact information can be found below.

Covered Items
Generally, items will be covered if there is a defect in the material or workmanship of the item/s you purchased. The item will not be immediately available for a refund, the brands will look at the items to make a determination if the item will be fixed, replaced, or refunded per their own policies.

Items NOT Covered
Warranties will NOT cover items damaged in an accident or crash, items that are not properly cared for (please follow the care tags/instructions on your item/s to a tee) or items that have incurred damage from normal wear and tear, including tears, rips, abrasions, or burns. All items are susceptible to normal wear and tear. The natural lifetime of any item may be reduced by frequent and aggressive use.

Please Clean Your Item/s
All items getting returned for warranty must be washed/cleaned before they are sent. If MFP has to clean your item before sending it to the brand you will be charged a $25 an hour cleaning fee.

Information Needed in Email
Please provide a detailed description of the defect including photos which show the damage. We will contact the manufacturer on your behalf, again, for the following brands only, Castle X, FXR, CKX & Fly Racing. Coverage of your item may include repair or replacement as determined by the respective manufacturer.

Please contact the following brands directly in regard to a warranty claim:

TOBEĀ https://tobeouterwear.com/warranty
509: www.ride509.com/warranties
KLIM: www.klim.com/warranty

*A proof of purchase will be required for filing a warranty claim. If you need a copy of your receipt please email us at info@morefreakinpower.com and we will email you a copy.