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509 Kingpin Replacement Lens

509 Kingpin Goggle Replacement Lens | MoreFreakinPower

$ 24.95

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Replacement/Extra Lenses for 509 Kingpin Snow Goggles

Take advantage of your Kingpin's quick change lens technology and don't get caught with the wrong lens for conditions.




    The Kingpin features a dual pane snow lens with premium anti-scratch technology. The inner lens was sourced from Italy and features the industry’s best anti-fog coatings. The quick change lens technology makes quick work of a lens swap. Simply rotate the left & right mounts 90 degrees clockwise and remove the lens from the frame. It’s that simple.

    • Quick change lens technology
    • Dual pane snow lens
    • Premium anti-fog and anti scratch coatings
    • 8 Vents for most riding conditions


20 styles