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Clutch Energy Drink

Newest Flavor Citrus Lime and Citrus Grape Power+


Wisconsin born and bred, Clutch slays your thirst and revs your engines to run strong all day.

Its unique blends join forces to keep your game up for whatever adventures lay ahead.

That's why it's the official energy drink of Boondock Nation and fuels the team and crew for every challenge they face



  • More Freakin Power Blend: Grape Citrus Power+  for a pre-adventure boost of power
  • Boondock Nation Performance Blend: Lemon Orange Sustain+  With Matcha Tea to sustain your energy levels throughout the day
  • Power Nation Recovery Blend: Cranberry Apple Revive+  Non Carbonated with Coconut Water and Caffeine to re-hydrate and energize you after a long day on the trails.


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