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FLEX Swirl Finder Light

$ 44.95


The FLEX Swirl Finder Light is a specially designed LED flashlight that shows the true condition of your paint. The FLEX Swirl Finder Light illuminates swirls that the naked eye cannot see, making it easier to track your progress as you work towards creating a swirl-free finish! The FLEX Swirl Finder Light is a valuable tool for detailers and anyone passionate about a perfect paint finish.

The FLEX Swirl Finder Light utilizes a 3-watt LED bulb that is able to illuminate swirl marks, spider web scratches, water spots, and other paint imperfections. The focus of the beam can be adjusted depending on your distance from the surface. A three-stage tail switch toggles the beam between hi-power, low-power, and strobe settings. The light works best when held 12 inches from the surface of the vehicle

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