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FXR Camo Neck Gaiter

FXR Camo Neck Gaiter | MoreFreakinPower

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FXR Camo Neck Gaiter

The FXR Camo Neck Gator is designed for a comfortable, lightweight fit. Use it in addition to your FXR balaclava on those cold winter days, on its own on milder bluebird days. The FXR Camo Neck Gator also doubles as an excellent hairband on warm-up stops! 


•FXR proprietary 4-way stretch mapped  wind-stop system
•Ultra-lightweight brushed inner polyester-spandex fabrication
•Designed for use with FXR cold stop anti-fog mask or any helmet with breath box
•Blocks wind to dramatically reduces frostbite risk due to exposure in the critical collar to helmet gap
•Allows 100% breathability at the top of the head
2 styles / 1 size