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FXR Clutch Performance Women's Sock

FXR Clutch Performance Women's Sock | MoreFreakinPower

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FXR Clutch Performance Women's Sock

FXR put all the details into the Clutch Performance Sock! The acrylic/nylon blend wicks moisture while the Lycra increases shape retention and stretch. The Clutch Performance Sock is constructed of a cushion loop with extra padding on heel, toe, and arch. Having the right sock makes all the difference between cold, wet feet and a full day comfortable on your sled! 



2 Pairs per pack
Acrylic / nylon blend wicks moisture
Lycra for increased stretch and
shape retention
Ribbed arch and ankle support
Cushion loop construction
Elastic welt cuff top prevents slippage
Extra padding on heel, toe and arch
MEN’S - 13” From heel to cuff
WOMEN’S - 12” From heel to cuff
    1 style / 1 size