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FXR X-Cross Pro Speed Boot 2020

FXR X-Cross Pro Speed Boot 2020 | MoreFreakinPower

$ 170.00 $ 200.00

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FXR X-Cross Pro Speed Boot 2020

The NEW FXR X-Cross Pro Speed Boot! With a new fit and even better traction, these are the boots you are looking for to keep you on the trails all day.


• Speed Lace with Lace Hook secure system.

• New 2- Piece form-fitting tongue construction for Positive fit and maximum comfort. 
• New Sewn-in molded speed lace hooks for quick tie and release.
• Rated to -40°C with 600g insulation. 
• Fixed liner with fur lining. 
• 20mm thick EVA midsole for maximum.
• Minimal seams in sled-contact area. 
• Webbing pull strap. 
• Achilles and calf cushion support.