Jax Wax Metal Polish

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Jax Wax Metal Polish
Create a Mirror Shine in One Easy Step!

When looking at metal polish products, I am sure you have seen specific metal polishes for each type of metal - Billet Polish, Chrome Polish, Aluminum Polish and so forth. As well there are different finishes on each type of metal. The combinations of the type of metal and finishes are almost endless! 

Jax Wax took this problem head on and created a metal polish that restores the brilliant shine across virtually all metal types and finishes with very little effort. No more having to buy separate metal polishes for each type of metal!


  • Removes Tarnish, Grime with Ease for a Durable High Shine
  • Works Equally Well on Aluminum, Chrome, Stainless, Billet and Brass
  • No Need for Separate Polishes for Each Type of Metal Finish
  • Cleans, Shines and Protects Without Scratching
  • Contains Hi-Tech Cleaners and Sealers to Shine and Protect Surfaces

Jax Metal Polish works Super Quick and Easy to get a High Quality Shine. Jax Metal Polish Safely Cleans Tarnished Surfaces, Polishes and Protects all metal surfaces in One Easy Step. By using Jax Metal Polish on your wheels, you will also have to polish less often to maintain the shine.

Jax Metal Polish is formulated to quickly cut through road grime, oxidation and other contaminants that make polished metal surfaces look dull with very little effort. Jax Metal Polish can be used by hand or with a free-formed polishing ball on a drill for larger areas with equally excellent results.
1. Shake Bottle Well

2. Pour a small amount on a folded towel

3. Work product into a small area back and forth with the towel

If polishing a large area, use one of those free-forming polishing balls attached to a drill to drastically cut down your time and effort. 

4. Product will turn black - then wipe off with a clean towel 

5. Enjoy the Results of a Perfect Shine