Jax Wax Cherry Wax

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Jax Wax Cherry Wax
Creates a Showroom "Wet Look" Finish on New or Old Paint - Restores Color and Gloss to Lightly Oxidized Finishes

  • Premium Grade Carnuaba Wax
  • Easy On - Easy Off
  • Contains Detergent Resistant Polymers to be Long Lasting
  • Will Cover Slight Micro Scratches Marks in Your Finish
  • Leaves a Wet Look with Hard Protective Coating
  • Eliminates Streaks and Haze
  • Works Equally Well on Lightly Oxidized or Pre-Cleaned Finishes

Jax Wax Cherry Wax gives an extreme "wet look", and is cherry scented.

Jax Wax Cherry Wax Leaves a showroom finish on new or older paint with an incredible reflection, bringing out the true richness of the color on your finish.

Jax Wax Cherry Wax restores color and gloss to lightly oxidized finishes, as well as pre-cleaned surfaces.

Jax Wax Cherry Wax will also eliminate the appearance of slight swirl marks in your finish, Jax Wax Cherry Wax is Easy to Apply and Easy to Wipe Off. It also will eliminate streaks and haze that other waxes leave behind.

Jax Wax Cherry Wax leaves that wet-look with a hard protective coating and a mirror-like finish. Whether your vehicle is a driver, or a classic car worth thousands - Jax Wax Cherry Wax can make a novice look like a pro.
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