Jax Wax Finesse

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Jax Wax Finesse
Jax Wax Finesse is designed to be used with a high speed rotary buffer, and can also be used by hand to remove slight imperfections and micro scratches. Jax Wax Finesse is designed to be used as a final finishing product to remove swirl marks after compounding or more aggressive polishing. Jax Wax Finesse will also remove water spots and slight oxidation.
  • Removes Swirl Marks, Light Imperfections and Minor Scratches
  • Final Finishing Polish to Remove Swirl Marks after Aggressive Polishing
  • Will Remove Water Spots and Slight Oxidation
  • For Use with High Speed Rotary Buffer or By Hand for Removing Micro Scratches
  • Contains No Wax or Silicone
  • Body Shop Safe

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Directions for Buffer Use: 

1. Shake well before using and occasionally during application. 

2. Use a Wool Pad for Moderate Imperfections and Foam Pad for Light Imperfections.

3. You may use a Wool Pad First and Switch to a Foam Pad as Surface Improves. 

4. Apply Evenly to a Cool Clean 2' X 2' area.

5. Begin buffing Slowly using Light to Moderate Pressure.

6. Decrease Pressure as Imperfections Disappear.

Directions for Hand Use:

1. Apply a Small Amount to Area.

2. Using a Microfiber Towel
, Rub Effected Area Until Desired Results are achieved. 

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