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Jax Wax Hawaiian Shine Spray Car Wax
Extremely Versatile Professional Grade Spray Wax Which Can be Used as a "Quick Detailer" or "Wax as You Dry"
  • Use on Wet or Dry Surfaces
  • Perfect for Any Surface including Paint, Glass, Trim and Chrome
  • Will not Streak or Smear in High Heat or Humidity
  • Leaves a Brilliant, Glossy Slick Finish
  • Works to Extends Existing Wax Protection on Your Finish
  • Anti-Static which Makes it Easier to Keep Your Vehicle's Surface Clean

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Directions For Wet Surfaces:

1. Product is separated - shake well.

2. Turn the sprayer nozzle to "stream" and liberally spray over entire wet vehicle 
3. Using a couple of Microfiber Towels, dry and wipe to a brilliant finish
4. Wring your first towel frequently and follow with a dryer towel for best results

Tips for Wet Surfaces:

For best results use several Microfiber Towels. Microfiber towels are extremely absorbent. Use one Microfiber Towel for your first pass to collect the majority of the water remaining on the finish and wring it out as you go. Follow with a dryer towel to collect the rest of the remaining moisture and wipe to a brilliant finish.
For best results start at the top of the vehicle, working your way own the sides and finishing at the bottom.
Directions for Dry Surfaces:

1. Product is separated - shake well.

2. Lightly mist a 2 foot by 2 foot area 

3. Using a dry Microfiber Towel, simply wipe to a brilliant finish

4. Turn your towel over frequently to achieve best results 

Tips for Dry Surfaces:
For best results use a Microfiber towel. Microfiber towels are extremely absorbent and will not scratch your finish.
Use on your windshield, glass, mirrors and chrome - the product will not streak and produces an awesome finish. In fact when used on glass, will act as a rain repellent.
Spritz the product lightly! You are not adding any more shine or protection by saturating an area, instead you are wasting product and making it more difficult to wipe off.
Do not use pressure when wiping. Let your Microfiber Towel do the work. Turn it over frequently. Excessive rubbing and pressure even with a Microfiber Towel can cause swirl marks.