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Jax Wax Heavy Duty Carpet & Fabric Cleaner
Easily Lift Stubborn Dirt, Grime and Stains Completely and Make It Look Like New Again
Jax Wax Heavy Duty Carpet & Fabric Cleaner's foamy aerosol formula penetrates ground in crud then lifts it to the surface. Simply wipe it away to get carpet and fabrics perfectly clean.

Jax Wax Heavy Duty Carpet & Fabric Cleaner will not soak into fabric and will leave the surface clean and dry.

  • Works Awesome on Any Carpet, Fabric or Cloth
  • Professional Stregth Formula Breaks Up Dirt and Stains
  • Foamy Aerosol Penetrates Fabric & Lifts Ground In Crud to the Surface
  • Will Not Soak the Carpet or Fabric
  • Leaves Surfaces Clean and Dry

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Now you can get fast, commercial-quality results by using the same products the "pros" do - and by doing it yourself!


1. Shake well and hold can 6" from surface. Liberally spray about a 1 foot area
2. Using a brush, agitate the surface briskly
3. Wipe with a clean dry towel
If necessary, on heavy soiled area repeat application.

Always check for "color fastness" on an inconspicuous area first
Do not use on leather or suede.