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Moose Glove Liner

Moose LINER MX Gloves | Moose Racing Moto Gear

$ 19.95

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Moose Glove Liner

  • Tuff-n-Lite® material is ounce for ounce, up to 15 times stronger than steel, but it's as soft and flexible as cotton
  • Tuff-n-Lite® is created by a unique, multi-patented process that combines natural and synthetic fibers for almost unimaginable strength
  • Tuff-n-Lite® has a core fiber that's combined with strands of other fibers that give characteristics like strength, abrasion-resistance, heat-resistance and softness
  • Tuff-n-Lite® will not sacrifice its strength when wet or exposed to ultraviolet sunlight
  • Unlike the high-strength fiber fabrics, it is not affected by disinfectants or common household bleaches
  • Helps protect against chafing and blisters while riding and provides insulation while cold-weather riding
  • Made in the USA

Note:  SAFETY WARNING: Riding a motorcycle, ATV or UTV is a dangerous activity. When riding, always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing. There is no assurance that serious injury or death can be avoided even if you wear the product shown in this catalog and take all precautions to avoid every risk. Please ensure that your Moose Racing products fit properly. Improperly fitting products can impair your ability to control your motorcycle, ATV or UTV.