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PowerMadd Sentinel Handguard Light Kit

PowerMadd Sentinel Handguard Light Kit | MoreFreakinPower

$ 60.00

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PowerMadd Sentinel Handguard Light Kit

The newest accessory for the Sentinel line of handguards. The LED Light Kits increase your visibility and improves your peripheral lighting. Simply snap out your vent covers and snap in the LED light kit. They can be wired directly to your battery by using the included 12 volt waterproof switch or they can be tapped into any other 12 volt power source.

These bright LED lights (200 lumens each) provide additional visibility and safety - allowing you to see more and be seen easier. The LED lights offer improved visibility while only consuming 4 watts each. These are a great addition to any ATV, motorcycle or snowmobile. Requires: Sentinel Handguards and mount kit. Sold separately.